Roxanne St. Claire

Roxanne St. Claire

New York Times and USA Today
bestselling author

I cannot rave enough about the quality, speed, accuracy, and attention to detail Anne Victory offers to her clients. I'm thrilled with her work on my manuscript and confident that the product I'm offering readers is thoroughly edited by a true professional. As an added bonus, Anne is a pleasure to work with--professional, considerate, prompt, and delightful. I can't wait to get her another manuscript!"

About working with me as part of a production team (I functioned as project manager as well as editor):
"When I made the decision to self-publish, my greatest concern was how to handle the impact the process would have on my existing deadlines while still being certain the end product would be high quality.

Writing in two genres, with multiple publishers, my deadlines are constant and I simply didn't have the luxury of missing one because I spent a month editing, revising, formatting, or uploading my self-published novel. This team was the answer to my prayers and I simply cannot recommend this one-stop shopping approach that keeps the author in the loop, but not tied up in knots. With a single point of contact throughout the process, they provided that all important "production team" that is needed in publishing without forcing me to shop around for the right freelancers and manage them. With a vested interest in quality without sacrificing speed, they worked around my schedule, met my deadlines, and respected my plans to have the book launched on a specific day. In addition, they provided superior-quality editing, an experienced eye for the process, and, best of all, they deeply cared about the success of the project. Every email was responded to within hours, if not minutes, every query and question was answered (without ever making me feel clueless), and every concern was addressed in a clear and thorough manner. By its very definition, "independent publishing" is a solitary and daunting task, but with Anne and Amy, I felt like I had a true team of positive, smart, delightful professionals who saved me time, ushered me through the process, and cheered for the book's success."