Styling Titles

Grammar Bites Today’s Grammar Bite is about how to style titles of TV shows, movies, songs, magazines, etc. I’ll even cover named vessels – crazy! 🙂 The rule of thumb – little things in quotes, big things in italics.  Huh? you may be thinking.  A larger work such as a TV show title is in italics, whereas the smaller “piece” of it is in quotes.  Capitalization should be headline style (First word capitalized, subsequent words capitalized except articles and prepositions).Some of the more common examples:

  • Newspaper / Article: the Monroe News Star / “West Monroe’s Robinson Joins Elite Company”
  • Magazine / Article: Glamour / “30 Fun Outfit Ideas to Try in April”
  • Movie: The Man of Steel
  • Plays / Acts: Our Town / “Daily Life”
  • TV Show / Episode: Glee / “Sweet Dreams”
  • Book / Chapter: The Lord of Castle Black / “How Tazendra Put the Empress’s Suggestion into Action”
  • Album / Song: Retrospective by the Animals / “We Gotta Get Out of This Place”


  • Named vessels (such as ships, space shuttles, etc.) are always in italics, though not the abbreviation: USS Ronald Regan, HMS Surprise, space shuttle Discovery.

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