What Services Do You Need?

As I state in my article on the production process, there are several levels of editing. I recommend four passes if your production schedule and budget allow, but you may opt for one or two stages. Another factor is you may have had work done on your project by another editor and are wondering how to dovetail my services into your existing work in progress. Below, I’ve included a chart that lists what each level of editing entails and also included some screenshots of a project that includes three phases.

Developmental Editing Line Editing Proofreading Oops Detection®
Clarity of Action
Character Development
Plot Issues
Plot Pacing
Spelling & Usage
Tense Changes
Point of View Shifts
Clarity in Writing
Continuity of Details
How a Sentence Reads–Is It clunky? Stilted?
Sentence & Paragraph Pacing

* Line editing may touch on these issues, but developmental editing will cover them in depth.

** Oops Detection will only check for obvious punctuation issues such as missing terminal punctuation.

Huge thanks to Lynn Raye Harris for the use of some of her pages from HOT Shot.

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