Productivity and Business Tools

Productivity and Business Tools

Here are my go-to programs for behind-the-scenes stuff.

FastMail–Email is critical. We all use it, and we transfer sensitive information daily. This is especially important when you work with intellectual property. Gmail and Yahoo! openly admit to data mining your emails. And I realize they’re free services, only–nothing in life is free. You’re paying for it with your information. If you want your email to be private and secure, I can’t recommend FastMail enough. It’s a robust service that’s reasonably priced and your information is yours. An added bonus is the ability to use your domain name. Win-win!

Online Task Management
Smartsheet–I have fallen in love with Smartsheet. It’s similar to Excel in that it’s a collection of spreadsheets that you can create and organize however you want. BUT–you can share entire sheets with people or just individual rows. You can attach files and conversations to rows, etc., and there’s a calendar view and Gantt chart layout. You can also ask for updates on an item with a couple of clicks. It’s super for any sort of project management, especially if you need to collaborate with multiple people. Give it a try for your next book 🙂

Online Task Management
17Hats–I just started using 17Hats. While it’s not ideal for invoicing and accounting (I’ll be sticking with Freshbooks), it’s fantastic for project management. Absolutely amazing!

Mailchimp–Great for sending out e-mail announcements. Easy to get up and running and very customizable.

Dropbox–Great file storage as it allows you to seamlessly transfer work to different computers. Different file versions are saved automatically and this saves your files off of your hard drive so you have backups. If you’re not a member yet, you can use my signup link and get 500 free MB of storage.


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