Resources–Fantastic site. Has a database of verbs – you type in the verb, it gives all the forms. Also has French and Spanish conjugation if you need it.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary–This is the free edition. You can also subscribe for the most current edition, as well as the unabridged, medical, and foreign language dictionaries. MW is the dictionary recommended by Chicago Manual of Style.

Chicago Manual of Style–The online version of the Chicago Manual of Style. Requires a yearly subscription. The plus side is that it’s searchable and you can access it from any computer; it also has both the 15th and 16th editions available. On the other hand, for the same price you can get the hardbound edition and that’s a one-time cost. Essential style guide for fiction.

Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs Comparison of Password Managers–If you’re like me, you have dozens of sites you log onto, and Internet security is a huge deal. Password managers can make your life easier… but which one? Check out a list of the top ten solutions, a free resource from Consumer Affairs.–Free Online Dictionary–Free Online Thesaurus

Cover Me Darling
Cover Me Darling–Marisa Shor does book covers (custom and premade), formatting, and graphic design for logos and social media. She also will do photo shoots just for your cover. Her work is phenomenal with super attention to detail, and she’s a pleasure to work with. Tell her I sent you!

Streetlight Graphics
Streetlight Graphics–Cover design, maps, illustrations, formatting, logos, and business cards

KBoards Writers’ Cafe–Great community of Kindle users with an active and helpful author’s lounge. Just an all-around great hang-out.

Canva–Free online graphics-creation tool. You can create posters, marketing graphics, brochures, business cards–you name it.

Inspiration for Writers–Sandy Tritt, an all-around nice person, has helpfully posted a lot of free articles and tips on writing.

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