NetGalley Co-Op Contact Information and Policies

Thank you so much for joining my NetGalley co-op. Please read the policies below and then fill out the form indicating that you have read and agreed to the rules of co-op.

  • While NetGalley encourages follow-up e-mail with Readers, that only includes contacting the reader and only if they have provided contact information in their profile. Under no circumstances should third parties be contacted regarding a Reader, even if that Reader claims to be affiliated with or employed by them.
  • Sharing Reader/Reviewer information stored on NetGalley is not permitted. Information included in Reader profiles is provided by the Reader with an expectation of privacy. Further, it is located behind a “paywall.” By that I mean that it is not accessible by anyone other than publishers who have a paid account with NetGalley. Sharing that information is a violation of NetGalley’s Terms of Service, and depending on the situation could be an actionable offense.
  • Do NOT create new titles or upload files directly.
  • Do NOT autoapprove or mute readers–this is a global setting.
  • NetGalley login information should not be shared with third parties with the exception of an administrative assistant. This information is very sensitive. A good rule of thumb is that unless you would share your Amazon KDP login with someone, don’t share your NetGalley login with them.
  • If your account with Victory Editing Co-op is no longer active, it is understood that you will no longer log in to the publisher dashboard of NetGalley with the exception of downloading any reports that are associated with your titles.
  • Any concerns or questions regarding our Co-op account should be directed to me. I will forward that on to NetGalley and act as a liaison. NetGalley should not be contacted directly as the legal, contractual relationship is between NetGalley and me.
  • Similarly, if you’d like to sign up for optional promotion programs offered by NetGalley, such as their newsletters and category spotlights, please contact me for more information and to make arrangements. While they can give you general information, the promotion needs to be booked through me as the account holder.
  • Do not access the titles or requests of any book other than your own unless the author has specifically asked you to.
  • Always act professionally.

Finally, being able to vet your own requests is a privilege. Many co-ops do not allow authors to field their own requests, which drastically reduces the quality of the NetGalley experience. The above rules are designed to keep our co-op running smoothly for everyone.

* Violation of any of the co-op’s rules is grounds for immediate termination of your co-op membership without refund.

Please fill out the following form. Upon completion, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download documentation about the co-op as well as find other resources such as links to the Facebook group, ideas for how to use widgets, etc.

If you’d like to look over my privacy policy, you can find it here.


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