What to Expect during the Editing Process

If you’re new to self-publishing, you might not know exactly what to expect as you go through the production process. This is true even if you’re a veteran coming over from traditional publishing. It’s a lot different when you’re the project lead and need to make arrangements for every stage of revisions and editing. If […]

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How to Pre-format Your Novel in Word

You may be asking yourself why pre-formatting matters. There are actually some very good reasons. Revisions: An organized manuscript makes it easier for you to make revisions. It’s hard to see dialog and such when your text is all crammed together with no rhyme or reason. Editing: Part of my job as an editor is […]

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Demographics vs. Genres

This little mini-rant is brought to you by my reading an article over at InD’Tale. In fairness, I hear people refer to the “YA Genre” and the “New Adult Genre” all the time, and I get that I’m fighting a losing battle. Out of sheer hardheadedness, however, I continue to talk about the difference between […]

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