What to Expect during the Editing Process

If you’re new to self-publishing, you might not know exactly what to expect as you go through the production process. This is true even if you’re a veteran coming over from traditional publishing. It’s a lot different when you’re the project lead and need to make arrangements for every stage of revisions and editing. If […]

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Tools of the Trade

You may have wondered about the tools editors use. A dictionary is probably the first thing that comes to mind. But which one? A grammar book, probably. Although, again, which one? There are tons of books out there for just about every grammatical and craft question you can imagine. But there are two main references […]

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Changing Tack or Tact?

Whatever your character is doing isn’t working. Time to change tactics. There’s also a similar phrase–to change tack. But the two words–tack and tactic–are actually not related. Tacking is what sailors do with sails in order to take advantage of the wind. So when used idiomatically, the phrase means you (or your character) are adjusting […]

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That vs. Which

That versus which perplexes a lot of people. First things first—let’s talk about restrictive versus nonrestrictive clauses. A relative clause is said to be restrictive if it provides information that is essential to the sentence. In these cases, that is the word you’ll want to use. Let’s take a look at some examples. So, what […]

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How to Pre-format Your Novel in Word

You may be asking yourself why pre-formatting matters. There are actually some very good reasons. Revisions: An organized manuscript makes it easier for you to make revisions. It’s hard to see dialog and such when your text is all crammed together with no rhyme or reason. Editing: Part of my job as an editor is […]

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